Twitter List Loving

I recently started following a list on Twitter called singer-list created by @celebritygossip. I found this list through the MTV Twitter account. This list is a long collection of various artists all in one place. By following this list I don’t have to take the time to follow every singer on Twitter, an unreasonable amount, would be a waste of time and add an awful amount of clutter to my feed. I particularly like this list because just like my music tastes, this list is uncategorized. Regardless of your taste in music, this has something to offer you.

My one complaint of this list is also one of my previous compliments. The fact that there is no order or sub-topics to this list can be distracting. If you are looking for only specific information, this list could be a waste of time. An individual might do better just following a specific artist. However, if the individual is more interested in an overview of the music scene and upcoming events this list is more than adequate.

A benefit of having the excess number of artists all on the same list is the fact that you can come across artists of which you have never heard. Looking through the list I have already noticed at least ten names that I have never seen before. I cannot wait to look them up. Also the fact that the list links you directly to each artist’s twitter, makes it so easy to learn more about all your undiscovered artists.

Overall I’m pretty happy with @celebritygossip list, however, I am going to continue searching for lists that are more genre focused. I think this will be more time efficient and will also make it so much easier to find new artists in particular genres.


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