The Rolling Stones’ ‘Aftermath’: Expression of the Time Period or Outright Sexism?

Popmatters’ Jason Mendelsohn and Eric Klinger examine The Rolling Stones’ album ‘Aftermath’ and reminisce about songs such as “Under My Thumb” and their effect during a time of strong feminism, in Counterbalance No. 125 The Rolling Stones’ ‘Aftermath’. They also discuss the bands’ power of social enlightenment:

Mother’s Little Helper” skewers the notion that only junkies (or rock stars) need a little chemical kick to get them through the day. In pointing out the hypocrisy of a culture that tut-tuts rockers for recreational drug use while actively endorsing and prescribing mind-altering drugs to housewives, the Rolling Stones effectively cemented their reputation as a subversive cultural force.

Overall the article takes an interesting approach at looking at one of the nation’s most beloved, gritty rock bands ever.


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