Talking Tokimonsta

            This week I read the article “Tokimonsta on Asshole DJs and Her Twitter Game” from the blog I mentioned last week, westcoastsound.  This article was an interview with the beat mixer Tokimonsta, an LA based musician. Since the article was an interview there was only one singular source, however, this gave the article an intimate vibe. Reading the questions and responses felt more like you were having the green tea across the table from the musician herself. Isn’t that how music is supposed to feel? Everything should feel as if it is speaking to you individually and this certainly did.

The way the article was organized was different from others than I have experienced. Instead of having a leisurely flow the post was separated by the questions, in a bullet point type manner. The fact that the original questions asked by the reporter weren’t printed, quite frankly annoyed me.This depending on your preference could be annoying or enticing. I found this style enjoyable because I could easily pick and choose what interested me most! However, I feel as if the interviewer could have added to the article by including responses. She left out an element that builds warmth between the celeb and the interviewer. Although the lack of this did help to make the post seem as if Tokimonsta was talking directly to the reader. I am not criticizing, nor am I agreeing with the choice the writer took. Instead I am choosing to see the organization as an element of artistic license.

The lack of linking or mentioning of related sources was disappointing. The only link that was added was of another article within the same blog. I find that to be overly obvious self-boasting, as well as rather annoying. I think the articles integrity would have been better if it had been left alone if it had just avoided referencing all together.

The inclusion of Tokimonsta’s various concerts, fan base description, and album titles was helpful. Since I had never heard of the artist before hearing about all of these details painted an enthralling picture in my mind. I was able to imagine being one of her fans in the crowd, fitting in with the small group of hipsters, bobbing my head along to the electronically produced beats.

Overall I felt that this article gave a clear depiction of the personality of the musician. However, if you were looking for information and details regarding the music and techniques used, this is not the article for you. I wish the interviewer had gone more into detail about behind the music not just behind the musician. Collectively I would give this article a B.


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