Getting the Facts

Music is a business. Plain and simple. Yes, this business takes artistic talent and creativity, but in the being “good” is reflected by having made the big time, having huge concerts, immediate ticket sell outs, and albums that go platinum. I use various sites to check in on how different artists are doing in monetary sales and how they rate on the charts.

In reference to rating, Itunes is probably the easiest method to find what the top albums and songs of the week include. The easy access to Itunes, on my phone laptop or Ipod, makes it impossible to ignore these results. I also love that Itunes, while a site for music downloading, puts the top lists right on the first page, linking you to snidbits of each song. This action of course is great marketing and allows you to find new songs you love and gets you to buy them! Overall, this site is great for a quick look but doesn’t tell you the sales of the top songs, nor does it tell you how long the song has been at the top.

More detail about the songs making it big, can be found on Billboard’s website. One of the main links at the top of the homepage is called Top 100. This list shows all the songs in the top 100, as well as telling you how long the song has been in that spot and posts a video of the song below the listing! It is so convenient to be able to click on the video of the song you haven’t heard of, but obviously has already made a name for itself. As easy as it is to go search for a song on Google, why do the extra step? This site has got it down and is incredibly thorough!

Billboard also has another list, which ranks the top-selling artists by year. The years are archived so that you can track an artist’s progress. The current year is continuously updated and keeps you up to date. Also as I mentioned before they thorough, under each ranked artist they include details about the artist and history of their past work. Overall, if you haven’t been able to tell already, Billboard is by far my favorite site for facts! They know their stuff and don’t think any detail is too small! Music nerds around the world rejoice because finally someone out there gets it! If I believed in only checking one source, this would be it, I always feel as if I’ve gotten the information I was looking for and discovered even extra!


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