Where to go?

When looking for research regarding music, it is important to have respectable sources that you trust. My favorite source to go to regarding history or upcoming events is Rolling Stone magazine online. This source is well stocked with many different types of information. Reviews of music, dates of album releases, blogs, artist directory, and much more are available on the site. I often visit the site in order to read reviews on new music. I have never witnessed an anonymous article or review on the site, which gives more credit to the site’s name. A writer that is unwilling to claim their work gives raise to suspicion about the article. Even more so, when I hear about a new artist I go into the artist directory in order to find out everything I can about the artist. Every post on this site is incredibly detailed; very rarely do I feel as if I have not been given a thorough report on a subject. The site also is more credible because it lists alternative sources in order to prove the facts listed on the site. Being willing to site alternative sources shows that the publication stands behind the work they have done and the facts they have reported. If a person has to stand behind there work they are normally much more diligent in making sure that they are proud of it. The reasons listed above are most of the reasons I love Rolling Stone, however, my favorite reason is the fact that so much history belongs to them. This publication has been around since 1962, formed at the height of so much change in the world. The magazine grew out of the inspiration of change, I believe that this is the reason it has lasted so long.

A polar opposite to Rolling Stone, LA Weekly Music Blogs West Coast Sound, is a site that hosts different writers posts about popular music. This site doesn’t seem to check what is posted. Allowing people the freedom to produce media, while a good thing, can also lead to false information. Another issue I have with the site is the fact that when referring to other sources and linking, the blog tends to link to other blogs on the same site. Unlike Rolling Stone, the site seems as if it doesn’t want to have the reader double check its facts. Some of the articles within the blog also don’t list specific authors, instead they hide behind the general identifier of LA Weekly Music Staff. While somewhat respectable, this moniker makes it difficult to check up on the credibility of past work. It also makes it cumbersome to have to look up individual members of the staff in order to double check their work.

Overall I prefer Rolling Stone, if I had to choose to trust one media source at face value, Rolling Stone would win over LA Weekly hands down! The safety net for Rolling Stone will always be in the prestige that it has built for itself.


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