Getting Out There

             Getting out there and learning more about the music scene is as easy as typing music into a search engine. Music is a major enjoyment shared by billions of people in the world. Most people who love something like to share it with their friends. The 21st century has invited all of us to be creators on the Internet and in essence given us a whole World Wide Web of friends. Because music is a love of mine, I have spent the time getting to know many different websites, twitters, and blogs. Since there are so many out there, some are admittedly better than others.

            Out of the websites I have two favorites, Rolling Stone and Daytrotter. In my previous two blogs I have talked about my love for Rolling Stone, however I have yet to mention Daytrotter. Daytrotter is a website with a anthology of new music. The site dedicates itself to finding the best music and sharing it with its audience. The cool look of the site showcases cartoon-like drawings to represent bands that are trending. The site also provides bios and information on each band and song they introduce, making the site incredibly enthralling for fellow music lovers that just can’t get enough!

            Twitter is a very useful way to keep updated on various topics and music is no exception. My favorite account to follow is Stereogum. Stereogum was one of the first blogs related to Internet shared music, giving much prowess to its opinions. Also I love the account because of its refusal to become typecast! The account sees no shame in tweeting about Ke$ha, Paul McCartney, and Matt and Kim. Stereogum, like myself, sees the value in all type of music and makes it its purpose update the blogosphere about all of it.

            An app I follow is Soundtracking; I talked about it a couple of blogs ago. The app, downloadable to any smartphone, is akin to a public music diary. When you want to find bands that haven’t quite made it to the surface, this is the place to go! Everyday people you follow take the time to post a song that is relating to their day, sharing emotions through music, creates a tight knit group on the web.

            Finding music, as well as listening to it, has been tackled by the ever-popular site Pandora! I don’t think there is a single person I know that doesn’t use this site. Pandora allows a user to type in an artist or genre of music and listen to all different songs similar to what the user typed in. It is genius and allows for people to find and discover brand new artists by doing what they love, just hanging out and enjoying their favorite artists! I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent downloading music I found on this site. Plus this site has capitalized on the popularity of smartphones and has converted its website into app form; allowing you to take the art of music discovery everywhere you go.


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