My Obsession

         I must confess I live for music; the idea that notes and tones create a universal language, well that makes me down right giddy. I know that I am not the only person that feels this way because the amount of blogs, entertainment shows, magazines, and apps dedicated to music is down right overwhelming. Music taste is individual which makes it difficult to find media that I agree with or which interests me. My media usage regarding music is set up into different categories: fact finding, researching new music, listening to music, and downloading music. Depending on my need, I use different media outlets.

Without a doubt when I am looking for facts or new updates I consult Rolling Stone, either in app form or magazine. Rolling Stone has long been a leading source for music information. The magazine tends to get exclusive interviews and reports on all types of music, old and new. My love for music covers multiple generations and types of music, this magazine tends to be a one-stop shop. The app on my phone constantly keeps me updated on news regarding various performers, shows, and reviews. Although the reviews within the magazine may be considered on point, they can be very critical or avoid analyzing music just for the sake of entertainment value.

In order to find reviews that I know will help me, I have a few blogs that I frequent. I may not trust all of the information posted by the writers; however, I have discerned which bloggers share my taste in music. Finding blogs you agree with is trial and error and can take a bit of time. However taking the time is well worth it; if a writer shares my taste in music their reviews are useful to me. In the end, I read reviews in order to find new music and to decide whether or not to buy certain albums. Whether an acclaimed critic finds a new artist to be a musical genius, while informing and of value, doesn’t affect my music taste nor does it guarantee I will enjoy the particular artist.

Music continually changes and evolves, finding new music is a passion of mine. I love knowing about an underground band before the rest of my friends. The app Soundtracking has allowed me to stay ahead of music trends. The app is similar to a music journal. Different users post music and share their thoughts about other’s posts. Many small record labels have accounts on the app and share their artist’s music daily. Artists that virtually no one has heard of before are presented on the site! Daily trends are represented, showing users of the app what is the most popular.

The reliability of media creators, concerning music, is based for a large part on an individual reader’s opinions. If you love the same type of music of the writer whether it is presented in Rolling Stone or on a blog written by someone unknown, then that source is considered reliable to you, the individual. The option for friends to post videos of artists on Facebook is also incredibly helpful. People tend to only post music they find the most enjoyable, so listening to these posts can open one’s eyes to a totally different genre. Media based on music is all about sharing with others, in effect any site that talks about artists that I have never heard has positively served me.


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